machinetalk. Let's make machines talk JavaScript!

Just leave behind complex low level languages and start telling machines what to do in a simple, intuitive way. Imagine everyone capable of writing JavaScript also being able to control industrial machines using the very same language and the very same tools they already use and love.
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universal language

Domain Specific Language

machinetalk is the vision of an open, domain specific language based on JavaScript. It enables individuals with less nor any programming experience to control machines and embedded systems (millers, microscopes, robots – anything with x-y-z-axis, sensors and more) via intuitive commands. We chose JavaScript because it is the most common programming language worldwide and we think it will be a kind of lingua franca for the internet of everything. Already, there is also a vast pool of open, high quality .js libraries and frameworks out there.

software architecture

Software architecture

The machinetalk framework, based on JavaScript and Node.js, contains three basic layers: the core, the modules and the applications. The core takes care of the hardware communication, protocols and the interplay of modules and applications – that is “the coordinator and translator”. Modules extend the core with the functionality required for the communication with specific devices and machines – that is “how to talk”. Based on the core and the corresponding module for the machine everybody is capable to write their own applications – that is “what to talk about – the story”.

hardware architecture

Hardware architecture

machinetalk will also offer an open hardware platform or may set on top of existing systems (e.g. Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone). It will run on single board computers which can provide consumer or industrial standard and, of course, on laptops and desktop computers as well. Custom hardware modules enable seamless connection to complex embedded systems via CAN bus, EtherCAT, or others.

“Don’t code but run the machines in a more creative way than ever before.”


Visit at the embedded world fair in Nuremberg
March 11, 2014 / conference, hardware, single board computers

In search of a hardware platform for machinetalk, we were visiting the embedded world exhibtion in Nuremberg – with over 800 exhibitors it is one of the biggest fairs in Europe covering this topic. […]

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